Cutting the clutter

Before Marie Kondo took it mainstream, decluttering (that is, tidying up and throwing stuff away) was the domain of Professional Organisers and Beverly Hills Consultants. Irrespective of whether you consider tidying up a tad boring or a job that seems difficult to make time for, the reality is that Australia’s op shops are bursting at the seams, under a tsunami of donated goods. 

As we in Australia prepare to put away the cossies and pull out our turtlenecks, a pre-season tidy and declutter gets us game ready for the season ahead.  The idea is to create and maintain spaces in our homes that serve and support us, rather than the other way around. While it’s best to be conscious of what stuff we bring into your home in the first place, decluttering gives us the chance to take stock of what we have amassed over the year and let unwanted items go, preferably to someone or somewhere who will use it.

Did you know that people who declutter reduce their housework by 40% according to a study by the National Soap and Detergent Association? Something you also may not know is that one-quarter of people with two-car garages have so much stuff that they can’t park a car. 

It’s no wonder we are a bunch of ‘tossers’. A U.S. study found that people spent an incredible one year of their lives looking for lost items and 23% of adults report that they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them. 

Want more tips on decluttering? Brigitte’s book Did You Remember The Milk? and her eBook Paper Flow can help you to create a home that works for you.

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