Welcome to Breakfast At Epiphany’s

Breakfast At Epiphany’s has been created by psychologist, author and mental health expert Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and executive coach and author Brigitte Johnson for the sole purpose of de-stigmatising mental health by arming people with the confidence, skills, knowledge and strategies to build mentally strong workplaces, organisations and homes.

In addition to running our psychology and coaching practices, we are both Mental Health First Aid Trainers with Mental Health First Aid Australia, the not for profit organisation dedicated to rigorous, scientific Mental Health first aid research with the University of Melbourne.

Here we bring you our combined knowledge and experience on mental wellbeing and how to broaden and build it so that you can lead an extraordinary life. Breakfast At Epiphany’s has three areas of focus: Self, Family and Work. When we talk to people about their lives, this is the way they tend to logically think. For example, “what energy am I putting into my ‘self‘, what energy am I giving to my family and what energy am I putting into my work? As Mother Theresa said: “it’s not about how much you do but how much love you put into what you do that counts.”

How to work with us:

  1. Experience Breakfast At Epiphany’s, the 8 secrets of wellbeing. This is a highly energising, practical and engaging 45 minute talk to your organisation, school or workplace and we answer your important questions.. You can book that here
  2. You can talk to us about the biggest mental wellbeing challenge for your organisation and we can work on it together in a project.
  3. We can deliver a half day, full day or 2 day Mental Health First Aid Training.

To find out more, email us here.

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